Wedding ceremony melbourne

Wedding Ceremonies

Your Wedding Day is one of the most memorable days of your life.

A day to celebrate your love and commitment with family and closest friends by your side; to witness what you have discovered in each other that has made this day come true.

I want to be a part of that day with you; I want to alleviate any stresses that you may have bringing this day together, so that you can both enjoy the moment. This moment called your “Wedding Day”

As part of my commitment as your Celebrant I bring for you:

  • Examples of  some Wedding Vows to help you get started
  • The order of a Traditional Ceremony to help you with some ideas
  • As many e-mails-phone calls and meetings you require
  • A “dress rehearsal” closer to your special day
  • A Legal Wedding Certificate in Calligraphy
  • A professional PA system
  • Insurance
  • I also include a change of name kit for my couples
  • A Wedding Album with your wording and memories; this will help you re-live the moment year after year

If needed, I can supply a table and chairs for signing.

I will be there on the day one hour prior to your Ceremony; to ensure everything is exactly as you want.

And finally - All your legal paperwork sent to Births Deaths & Marriages.

My Fee - $850